Welcome to Survival

Imperial Announcement

The Below is from the dictat of the Blind Seer and as such is to be taken as Imperial Property.

Inquisition Forces may freely give sight of such to allied/trusted cells/companies.


Unauthorised sight to be dealt with by Occultus.

By nature of a seers words please note this will be confusing and needs to be read with care in order to understand the hinted at meanings.


…and in the later part of the year years after the great war a new thing shall be a thing that will touch those of faith those who look to the heavens to gift them power to grant them the tears of the gods as they fall to craft into forms with words to make and unmake that which is to enact life and death to forge and unforge to heal to harm to bind and set free these things and more those who cast make free with the energies of creation that which is the blood of the world that runs through and around the ladder like vines of ivy about a tall keeps tower and in said time another tower will come aswarm with folk from the abyssal the pacts have failed those of the 2nd have let past those whom they would have contested passage stood aside and let the 3rds forces pass their bastions to climb through the blasted regions of the 1st tier below previously fallen to the blades and magics of the 2nd and its allies the bears the light fey they who morn now the fiend of the second holds sway over two rungs and better for it are we in the centre but lo the taint from beyond had bled into the very fabric of the world and the world cries but screams its hate its rage it self pity and needs must expunge such poison from its veins the elements the building blocks of the world are filled with the righteous rage of those beyond the hunger to rue but the gods are wise and in their wisdom have let this come to pass for in the war that follows the darkness and cold from the void from those that wander the great aether will vomit forth in the purgative of combat and again clean will the elements the magical blood of the world be the priests of the power shall come to blows over who is the mightiest and two great all encompassing kings will vie for the hearts and minds of the flock one of magic one of spirit which will prevail the elemental emperor of he of the etheric spirit realms will fire burn its rivals will blood consume its foes will earth crush its enemies will nature rend its nemesis will air atomise its nemesis and in the end the utter souths great elemental kings will rule again and a cloak of shadow cover the land


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