Welcome to Survival


Upon awakening,


I have been lost, for many months I have wandered this strange and unfamiliar land, I have met brigands, thieves, tall men of honour and the holy men, yet I have felt affinity with none.


Walking dead have attempted to ally with me yet I am not one of them, they seem somehow broken, those with hollow mouths have befriended me yet I feel no friendship, constructed things have tried to slay me and I have made them weep.


I am viewed as a broken thing, I see pity in their eyes, I see fear in their eyes, I see jealousy and a broken, sinister, longing in their eyes but most of all I see murder in their smiles.


I feel drawn, I feel a pull, my brothers call to me, I shall find them.


Sleep is a distant memory, I feel fingers bleed at their clawing of the earth, rampant screams to be set free, I hear them all…….. I shall free them all.


My first steps take me to the deserts, to wander the dunes is pleasure, for no life should be here yet I still hear my brethren call, I shall find them.


Dig them up like gold from stone. I am a miner but not of wealth of the pocket but of the soul.


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