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Plots within Dreams….dreams within plots”

The room was cold, despite the well provisioned fire burning in the grand fireplace, the heavy curtains and the plush kaleem rugs acting as bulwarks against winters chill. The arch Bishop of Perendar warmed his pale hands as he stood before the blaze. Watching the coals glow with the heat and reduce to ash, the soft crack and pop of the flames as hypnotic now as they ever were, to the unwashed cave barbarians of a bygone age. The bishop felt the chill like a physical thing. Biting and clawing at his frail old bones. The ermine cloak and woollen robes of office as thick as they were, did little to stave off the incessant chill. His guest though felt no such discomfort. Neither did the two war angels flanking….it.


The augmentor was paradoxically dressed almost identically to the bishop. Heavy crimson robes and fur trimmed accoutrements. The similarities ended there. The bishops skin was the almost translucent white of the angel invested, faint seraphic script traced across it, a supernatural glow of deity granted power gave him an aura of otherworldness. Despite this he seemed frail in comparison. The shard lord was obviously some form of golem. The smell of oil and the faint ticking associated with all such automata permeated the room. Its face was mostly hidden by the deeply cowled hood and such that was visible was metallic festooned with spikes and chains.


The thing bowed. The cog-noise increased in volume as it moved. The seraph guards tensed briefly but were waived down by the bishop.


“What is it you seek by this audience traitor?” The bishop deigned not to look directly at his foe.


The augmentor straightened. “We have built him…………… The new Emperor……………..as you requested.”


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