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Sunset Isles

The sun hung low in the sky, the beach kissed with a pink light, the waves foam tinted almost red. The jade and Ivory adorned palace atop the high cliffs basked in the fading heat> Within, felinae menials began the early evening task of lighting the lanterns and braziers and the ushering in of weary travellers fresh off the boats, bobbing in the small harbour below.

Hun Zu lounged on a silk festooned couch and languidly studied his guests. The court room was almost empty, as had been their wish. A duo of tigari stood still and silent at either side of the dias, armoured in white lamellar, falchions held in clawed hands, a chetari scribe sat at a small teak desk ready to take down the crux of the visit.


The guests stood hunched upon the thick kaleemic rug set before Hun Zu’s couch, their dark sea soiled robes were odious to him and he waived a pomander in front of his whiskers. His golden eyes widened as the taller of the two visitors threw back its cowl, revealing the red skin and jagged black woding….of a demon.


The demon licked his cracked lips and was about to spit upon the floor. A thick growl from the tigari sentials, put paid to his lack of proper manners.


“To what can I be so honoured with your sudden and un looked for visit, noble……sirs?” Purred the satrap of the Jade Palace.


The larger demon bowed. “We seek…..allies great prince. Allies against an enemy it is for-told who will open the gates the 7th rung…thus damning us all.”


Hun Zu smiled, sharp teeth glistened in the brazier light. “Strange words from a demon. Gates below? Surely you would welcome such.”


The smaller demon removed her hood. “No…..we would not. No one with an ounce of sanity would.”


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