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How do I create a character?

There is a whole lot more information in the rule book (AM 3.0 (1))… but here are the basics.

All players are survivors of a ritual war that almost destroyed the world. Cities and holdfasts were all but destroyed, and the players are the rag tag bunch of refugees who have banded together to defend against those that would seek to gain power amidst the chaos and confusion. The Imperial Humans started a fascist regime, demonic powers from the depths of hell rose up through the planar cracks, those once dead now walk the land and the extra-planar beasts of chaos prey on the untamed ritual magic that has leaked throughout the world.

1) Think about what kind of character you would like to play.

2) Choose a race that would suit that character

3) Choose a class that would suit that character – warrior, rogue or caster.You can buy some abilities from other classes so you’re not restricted too much.

4) Each new character has 30 points to spend on abilities.

5) Maybe you could join or create a group/faction/guild – some have special benefits.

6) Write all this down and when you sign in at the event we’ll create your character card for you.

7) Don’t forget to choose a name and come up with some history for your character – it can be a simple or complex as you like.

8) If you have any questions just ask! Email admin@aftermath-lrp.org.uk


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