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Hold Councils

Hold Councils are the voices of the people. Traditionally there are always 5 council members, usually elected or backed by the residents of the hold. 

As well as being the leaders & decision makers, they also symbolise solidity & community within the hold, feeding the strength of the hold’s power and the power of the Hold Spirit.

Without a stable council, holds are vulnerable to ritual attack, hostile take over and the encroachment of the wilds.

Many councils are NPC led, but there are a few player led councils:

  • Stormguard
  • Wilds
  • Tower of the Rose

The 5 council positions are:

  • The Heart – a leader, a diplomat, the epitome of community and the voice of the people
  • The Fist – the defender of the Hold & it’s citizens, usually a strong fighter or military leader
  • The Eyes – the watchman, the spy – he knows who belongs and who doesn’t, and knows all the goings on
  • The Mind – one with the gods, one with the elements – the mind is one with the magic & power of the hold
  • The Soul – controls the ritual power – the essence – of the hold; defends the circle and performs rituals for the benefit of the hold and its people

Joining or leaving a council can only be done IN CHARACTER and must be done via a ritual or minor rite.

Council members gain special abilities upon joining, and after sufficient roleplay and length of service will then have the option to upgrade those abilities (down to referee discretion). These abilities will be lost if you leave the council.


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