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UMA (Ursine Mercenary Association)

It has long been a tradition in the Ursine Empire to employ large bands or mercs as opposed to have a standing army. The main reason for this is that the Ursine as a race are extremely selfish and their loyalty is such that only close family get any form of benefit for FREE!

As such a standing army would be useless as the paltry pay a soldier of most realms gets is insufficient incentive for the average ursine.

As such bands of bear folk have created a guild that gains specific benefits to its members who also pay a tythe for membership but gain the benefit of a strong organised central administered company that overseas the hiring of the various bands that exist.

ALL merc bands NOT UMA (Ursine Merc Association) are hunted down and killed if they operate in the Ursine Empire. If a UMA endorsed band encounters non UMA mercs outside the Empire they are dealt with as the non members are seen as poachers of work and thus a threat. Violence is not always used but the ability of non UMA merc units are at all times besmirched by members.

Please contact downtime@aftermath-lrp.org.uk for more information on how to join, or enquire in character.

Membership is open to anyone as long as they can pay the membership fee.


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