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What is the format/structure of an Aftermath Event?

Our main events begin on a Friday evening and finish on a Sunday afternoon.

Time In is usually around 9pm on the Friday, but you can arrive on site from 4pm. Before Time In we require all players to ‘check in’ at Games Control – this means paying for the event, confirming your character and how you’ve spent your points, and doing out of game mechanics like buying potions.

Time Out is called overnight, but times vary depending on how enthusiastic the players are monsters are!

Time In is called again around 10am.

Full Time Out is generally around 4pm on the Sunday.

The games themselves are generally based in a pre-determined In Game location. During the event encounters may come to you or you may be required to use transport circles to do quests or missions in other In Game locations.

In between encounters there may be a lull in the action, but you are still required to stay in character.

If there is something you want to do specifically that is not part of the main plot, just ask a Ref and they may be able to set it up for you. Instead/Also you may choose to perform a ritual. In both instances it makes everybody’s lives easier if this can be discussed before an event so we can plan for it, but we always try to accommodate player actions & wishes as and when they occur.



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