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Bishop’s Port

The clear blue sky was filled with gulls, their raucous cries and screams demanding food for young nested in the nearby cliffs. Their aerial battles mirrored the naval one below as sleek war skiffs of seadog privateers sought to board the large felidae merchantmen wallowing off the shallow waters of Bishops Port. Ballistae traded a scything storm between the three vessels, ripping rigging and crew asunder and flinging the detritus of conflict over the side to feed the reef sharks swarming beneath their keels.


Grapnels flew and the larger of the two skiffs drew inexorably towards the rail of the catfolk vessel. As the ships thudded together amidst a wave of spray, ragged buccaneers swung and leapt across to the beleaguered merchantman, to be met with a mighty roar as tigari marines slammed into them with trident, cutlass and claw.


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