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Legio 666

The clash of steel on steel, on wood, on flesh echoed about the ruins.  The crimson wall of crusaders pushed through the broken ground, bolts and arrows dropping some, magic felling others, but their numbers were great enough to withstand the sniping of the grey clad ghosts retreating before them.  The church troops had by chance found the current stronghold of the 666th and filled with thoughts of glory and the potential bounty rushed to the attack intent on slaughter.


The deamonhunters withdrew in order well aware they were currently outnumbered and outclassed.


Until now.


One of the remaining aligned angels blazed into the fray.  She hit the shield wall like a thunderbolt, shattering shields and the arms behind them with hammer like blows from her pulsing white blade, pantheonic magics bleed from her blue lips, bursting hearts and gripping her foes in cages of light.


Leaving Sandrael to deal with the threat, the ghosts faded into the mist.


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