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New Players

Aftermath is a growing vibrant Larp club that is always looking to innovate. In light of this we wanted to reflect in our games that the player characters stand out from the masses and even at the very outset of their career are marked for greatness and their impact on the world is substantial. The stuff heroes are made of. Therefore the games team decided that such folk would not come to fight empty handed. Whatever the characters background they would have obtained some previous experience and thus gained some obvious equipment.


From now on, when a brand new player who has never attended an Aftermath event before, or someone who has only monstered, starts a character for the first time they will receive the following:-


Starter Pack.


1 x Tuition Voucher granting +20 points to spend on their skills (in addition to the starting 30 points players already get)

1 x Family Heirloom item (lammie) – be it a weapon of shield that is immune to destruction fx and cannot be fumbled.

1 x Gods Watching (Lammie) – 1/ ever – If you die the gods invest you with life again as you are needed to continue your heroes path.

1 x Adventurers Garb (Lammie) – +1 hit on locs covered by excellent phys rep costume (stacks with armour)

3 x Healing Potions


In addition


Any Player introducing a brand new player gets £5 off the event price for each newbie that they intro at that event and +10 points for each newbie that they intro at that event.



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