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It appears learned friend that what we foresaw would come to pass has.  Duncan and his cadre have managed to seep back into imperial affairs.  I expected no less from the Emperors brother. Obviously his blood line is tainted by the fallout of his misguided and blind ritual failure but it has not stopped him lusting after power via another.  Blood of innocents stain all our hands.  The church though must be seen to rise above such frail emotions as compassion and love.  The fact she had to die to fuel the machine is neither here nor there.  There was no one else.  The blood needed to be pure, unsullied by extraplannar taint. The act is done.  The assassinorium was as deadly as they were delicate.  The golem/simulacrum, call it what thy will –  that now ‘sleeps’ within the imperial palace will fool all but her father. We have alerted certain tools within the inquisition sympathetic to the church, they will make sure that all of this is tidied up and no leads left erased.  On other matters we have bound the angels that once inhabited the ‘holds’heroes’ (that term turns my stomach) Pawpad the d’verg  and Tidy the gretch.  It seems both were linked to some plot to rouse the gods from their enforced solitude.  This cannot be allowed to happen.  They are not ready.  They have not fed enough.  They must be stronger far stronger if they are to face the Vourachi and win.  We have it on good standing that the vitae of all the mighty adversaries have been collected and invested.  There may be some dragons as yet untapped in the utter north, the twisted one and blood queen and lifesmith all were taken.  Belethryn and his associated angels have all been subsumed now, strangely without a fight.  Michael cedes his quota as promised, and each meekfolk that dies will too feed the gods hunger for power.  Or should I say feeds our need to have them strong.  The great ritual to bind all supernatural weaponry was a grand and fruitful plan my friend.  The fact that it powers itself.  But a mote of the life force of each foe slain passed onto the gods.  Genius.  The fact it was the augmented ones idea matters not.  After all we all want the same thing.  A strong faith in gods that can defend us from those without.  Those who scrabble in the mud who see not the threat from beyond, well my friend they would see us as evil.  But we both know the paladins war cry for the greater good resonates with Ubernatural truth.  Talking of paladins we must advocate Mayson’s suggestion that those who have broken the geas and fled to the Ebon guard, raiders or whatever that sect of pious heretics calls themselves needs dealing with.  The Solar Blades and Knights of Heaven stand ready to be dispatched to Kaleem to hunt for their erstwhile brethren.  The current rulers of the continent have been bribed to leave well alone.  Elemental princes they may be but their greed for trinkets is ever a mystery.


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