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Thesis: Holdfasts & The Wilds – High Archeotect Izziah Truss

The end of the Great war saw the birth of that which is termed; The Wilds (Wylds, Wylderness, The Wound). Speculation of the events that cumulated in its forming, fill several tomes a foot thick and need not be rendered here. In as much as is pertinent the gods deemed that such was required and either made or allowed to be made that which is known by the vulgar as the scab in the flesh of the world.

The analogy suits. The worlds skein was torn by the last great ritual exchange. Titanic energies were unleashed by the combined cadres of the Imperial armies smiting the strongholds of the fey before they could unleash their great weapon. The wrath-storm.

It is these events which so wounded the world and brought on the miraculous creation. The energies of destruction were instead reversed and instead creation took its place. The living things within the holds were irrevocably altered in myriad ways and in part fuelled the creation. Scholars surmise that as creature melded with creature with flora with fauna with mineral with element. Some part was lost to the genesis. The remainder formed the new wilds creature. This being replicated hundreds of thousands of times over.

The holds, those towns within ground zero, the area in which encompassed the strikes, were unmade and made again, depopulated and repopulated again, but this time by the spirits/souls of all the inhabitants fusing into one. This was the first hold spirits birth. The circles within each hold fused to their neighbouring holds, forming a lattice of deep rooted power linking, weaving, suturing, this formed the stiches of the wound, and the holds were the knots binding the whole together.

And at their centre. Stormgard. The prime hold.

Since the war, holds have grown again and in their growth vital information about them has been realised. The spirits begin to fade if not held fast by a council of at least 5 souls linked in purpose and community and focus. All must dwell within the hold and all must be true both to the people of the hold and its spirit.

In the same token if a hold has no spirit it will devolve into the wilds very quickly.

The holds must not fail, whilst they are still needed to hold the wound shut. Scholars know not how long the wound will take to heal. The wilds often seeks to aggressively expand.

Why Is this? Well, the wilds at its route resembles forced healing. Its regeneration accelerated at an incredible rate. So this is why the wilds, so linked to nature and the world, ebbs and flows with the seasons.


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