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Western Empire – Angelsbridge

The dull boom of displaced air filled the stone paved square. Stepping from the circle, several obvious crusaders bunched around the crimson garbed inquisitor and his second.

The towns folk bowed and hurried on their way. Eyes down cast, fearful of drawing attention to themselves.

The party strode through the town to the Inquisitorial building, swift and sure, shoving aside those slow in making way.

Before they reached the iron shod door a bulky man in weathered black leather emerged to meet them.

“Gods blessing upon you gentlemen.”

The crusaders drew steel and the Infernous Inquisitor threw back his cloak and stepped forward.

“Marcus Drew, alias Dark Derek, alias Flint Oakwell, alias Elliot Loch, alias Soot-Viper. Occultus Operative VIIX, under Ethan Fox.”

The man smiled. “I’m one of those, that’s for sure.”

“You have been found guilty of dereliction of duty, sedition and are a traitor, demagogue and known conspiracy against the Empire and its Holy Ordained Church. Therefore we arrest you for these and other crimes to be detailed in court.”

Marcus nodded.

From window, door alley and roof, concealed occultus men loosed bolt, arrow and supernatural missles with unerring accuracy, shredding their estranged counterparts from Perendar with iron steel and spell.

The Infernus Inquisitor powered through the storm, his armour and wardings stopping most of the barrage. He cut down two eastern troops as they sought to stop him getting to their commander, flaming sabre, carving their maille then flesh then bone.

Marcus though, drew a short pre-war antique. As the enemy inquisitor reached him, he raised his arm and with a smile that did not reach his eyes….discharged the spellbow into his face.

Headless the corpse flopped back onto the bloody flagstones, boots still kicking.

Marcus called to his men. “Bury them with the rest.”


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