Welcome to Survival


Old man Edrik staggered as the first quake hit, he was flung to the floor of his dwelling as plaster and straw fell from the walls and roof…

The animals all began crying out at once…..bleating, grunting squealing cries of abject terror…

The next quake struck throwing down fences and toppling trees, folk huddled in fear, the walls cracked and creaked, militia lat atop the battlements a feared to stand. …

Bird swirled in the sky…..cracks in the earth and tunnels sprung and leapt through the grass…a hollow roar filled the air…the heroes acted as best they could sheltered who they could healed all they could….

Their skills and spells told them one thing….ritual strike!

The circle…its warding screaming and smoking trying to fend of the titanic assault began to fail…

The soul was hurled from his feet armour clattering …he screamed as a large chunk of masonry broke his leg….One after the other the 3 angels bound into the walls burst and died roaring in impudent rage as they did…..

From the air ….she manifested….green light spewing from her form in waves in iridescent pulses of druidic energy…the spirit of Stormgard coalesced….the birds flew about her forming hovering diving living wings… energy earthed and what it touched flowers and grasses instantly blossomed and grew…

Her hands rose and she sung…sung the world song..the ears of the folk below bleeding in its beatific cacophony

The light grew brighter ..,.and brighter and brighter

Then darkness…….





They all awoke

The huge expanse of an ocean lay all about…they were on an island

Out of the mists walked tall green clad figures….gaunt of face and pointed of ear

“Welcome” said the leader.

Alyssa landed….energies shrinking and dwindling…..”To the Isle of Mourn”.


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