Welcome to Survival


The signs of the end of the day in full swing. The sun going down, and people coming in from the fields. The militia hand over from the day shift to the night shift. Private Thompson of the 9th Cohort 666th Legion, locally known as “The Militia” stands on the walls.
“Wagon approaching!” he calls to the gate guards.

After a minute or so, the gate swings open and a wagon rolls in, without anything pulling it. A large shape covered by a sheet in on it. Flanked by 2 figures. One in a dark cowled robe, long black hair showing, the other a white cowled robe with long blonde hair hanging down.

The wagon pulls up, on the old site of the blasphemous and hideous statue of the former liche mayor.

“Lest you forget…” booms the voice under the dark cowl.

“… the sins of the past…” whispers a sibilant voice from the white cowl.

“… else you repeat it” they finish speaking together

Their robes flash with scripture and writings, a rustling of paper and a burst of white and black runes and they disappear. Leaving only 2 circles where they stood, and the wagon. The sheet covering it slips off.

There, on the wagon, is a statue. A wiry boy like figure, with gaunt features is presented next to a figure with fangs and a tricorn hat saluting. On the base, the same words the cowled figure opened with… LEST WE FORGET…


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