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World Update…

Our mighty heroes can settle down for the winter knowing they have accomplished much this year.

Having been propelled forward in time and arriving back in Af’ael 15 years since they left, much has changed in the world. But many threats still remain yet thanks to their efforts the world is relatively safe for now.

The last of the Vouracci Dragons remains trapped in the Void Chamber of Stormguard, although it’s only a matter of time before it escapes…

The rat folk Scra’thyn have been exterminated.

Many wildborn slaves have been freed from Kaleem and various other places.

Stormguard is starting to thrive with many settlers working together to restore its former glory. It now lies on the Mourn Isles, more protected than it ever was.

Jotunheim was saved from demonic attack after our heroes went back into hell to close a portal from the inside.

The biggest threat that remains now is the Augmentors who have supposedly taken control of the church, have infiltrated Nighteye, and are spreading across Af’ael more than ever before. Their numbers are growing rapidly, and it won’t be long before their power and influence is too much and the world succumbs to their rule.

Is it time to bring back the gods? Have we let them hide for too long? Perhaps it’s time to let them out… šŸ˜‰


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