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The Balancers

A group of like minded individuals working together for a common goal – to restore balance to Af’ael. Since the ritual war the world had been tearing itself apart. The wilds rose up as a chaotic force, trying to crawl across the world. The 4 primary elements have been in a constant struggle for power, which had now culminated in an epic war. Newer paths of magic have come to power – Pantheon, Sun, Moon, Necromancy, Demonology and Shadow… and because of Shadow came the Purge. Many of the people within various races of Af’ael have used the chaos and fallout to their advantage, by exploiting or enslaving others for material gain and for ultimate power.

The balancers seek to restore order, balance and synchronicity to the forces of magic and power once again, as well as the hierarchy of domestic and political power in the world gained through exploitation of the aftermath. Amongst them are powerful ritualists, and members of the group are generally required to be able to participate in rituals to some extent, as well as offer aid in whatever is required to restore and maintain the balance of power, for the good of Af’ael and all who live within.


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