Welcome to Survival

Welcome to Stormguard!

Welcome to Stormguard!

People don’t come here to live, they come here to die!

Stormguard is the centre of everything. Without Stormguard the world would not be as we know it now.

We don’t have much money, we don’t have much time. But what we do have is a strong group of people, from all over the world, that want to work together to save this plane from utter destruction.

You will not survive.

Augmentors, their creations, artefacts or anyone working for them are not welcome. You will be met with the righteous fury of the Heroes of Stormguard.

Infernals, their creations, artefacts, anyone working with them or people with demonic pacts are not welcome. You will be met with the collective might of the Heroes of Stormguard.

That said. Anyone who has been tricked or wishes to turn from their evil, idiotic and pathetic path of the Augmentors or Infernals should send word to The Council of Stormguard. Do not enter without permission, see above. We will aid in removing the taint of such things. Be warned though, not everyone survives such a process.

Stormguard needs to survive, it has to, the Fate of everything hangs in the balance.

So many times we have taken people in and they have turned against us. Do not take offence if we aren’t overly trusting. Traitors and spy’s are a plenty in this world, we have had more than our fare share.

To those who do wish a safe haven within our mighty walls, we will welcome you. However you will be expected to earn you keep. We do not have the time or space or provisions for people who do not give back.

We are a family and everyone is to be treated as such. We are as one. If you start on one of us you start on us all. Enemies of Stormguard beware. We are growing. We are strengthening. We are united! We will stand firm!

I just want to make sure that everyone who wishes to reside within our walls or who are allies with us know where we stand.

No one leaves Stormguard, alive.


A’vn Dratharni
Soul of Stormguard


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