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The Utter North

Utter North

They ran

The blood of their enemies fresh on their blades

The raucous calls of the corrupted gretch echoed about them

Black bone arrows skirled through the air striking boulders

Bouncing from their battered armour

Once lanced through Keris’ thigh

She grunted and fell

Ragnar stopped

Stood over her as she ripped the barbed missile from her flesh

The first demon touched rounded the bend in the ravine

And died

The barbarian’s sword cleaving off its head

The second

Thrust through

It fell screaming in pain


Keris shouted to her mate

Her spells and knit her wound into a ragged scar

They sprinted for the circle

Widows peak

The spirits of their tribe warded them against the death haunt guarding

The witch way

The gretch screamed their frustrated cries

Ragnar stopped within the skulls that marked out the circles circumference

Shouted to the gods of the steppes to seal them from harm

Arrows and darts bounced from his hastily erected ward

“Where!  Go where?” The shameness spat in all directions to grant them luck in travel

Cut her palm thrust it into Ragnar’s face for him to taste their bond

He wracked his brain

Where was safe

The south!

A place he had heard of a trapper told of

A fortress paved in gold


They vanished

The gretch eyes blood red and hate filled loped away

Dragging their dead

The  hunt had made them hungry


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