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Holdborn are a spiritual race created by the cataclysmic event that created the wilds.

Being a Holdborn links you to the hold of your creation. You are linked to everything that is the hold, its council, its hold spirit and most importantly, its people.  A Holdborn may link itself to influences that have happened since its creation, such as for example, the necromantic taint that was William, the influence of the Hold Spirit or the fact Stormguard is the “Stitch in the Wound”. Emotions of the holds people play a big part in a Holdborn’s attitude. If it was created at a time of selfishness within the hold it may become more selfish in its nature.
With a Holdborn’s link to its hold almost makes them stronger for periods of time. A Holdborn may go into a fit of rage destroying everything it sees if the hold spirt is attacked or they may draw upon crazed levels of power to save a peasant.  These abilities change depending on the Holdborn and the situation.


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