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UK Larp Awards 2017

The Winners of the 2017 UK Larp Awards (Hosted by LARPCon)

Player Run/Sanctioned Event
o Do Not Go Gently – Slayers Lrp (Winner)
o It Tolls For Thee – Empire
o Fae Fables – LT
o Eid II – LT Wardens
o Triage – Empire (Runner-up)

• Club System of the Year
o Fools and Heroes (Runner up – tied)
o Aftermath (Runner up – tied)
o UNION at Nottingham Uni (Winner)
o Labyrinth
o Rising of Chaos

• Player of the Year
o Chris Whitehead
o Danny Leith
o Marcus Reilly
o Sarah Cook (Runner-up)
o Rosie Woolley (Winner)

• Bard of the Year
o Al Bevan (Runner-up)
o Dred Roberts (Winner)
o Esme Galea/Bessy the Bard
o Golden Apple
o Claire Sherriden

• Small Larp of the Year
o Twisted Tales (Runner-up)
o Hades (Winner)
o The World Went Dark
o Neothera Saga
o Faded Glory

• Medium Larp of the Year
o Age of Aether (Runner-up)
o Future’s End (Winner)
o Shadow Wars
o Tales Out Of Anchor
o Happily Ever After

• Large Larp of the Year
o Curious Pastimes (Winner)
o Empire
o Odyssey (Runner-up)
o Lorien Trust
o Green Cloaks

• Family event of the Year
o Empire (Winner)
o Lorien Trust (Runner up – tied)
o Outcast (Runner up -tied)
o Curious Pastimes
o Fields of Illusion

• Grassroots system of the Year
o Future’s End (Winner)
o Fools and Heroes (Runner-up)
o Lorien Trust
o The World Went Dark
o Neothera Saga

• New Larp of the Year
o Age of Aether (Runner-up)
o Cry Havoc
o Future’s End
o Before the End (Winner)
o Happily Ever After

• Larp Producer – Foam/Latex
o Dark Raven Armoury
o Light Armouries (Runner up – tied)
o Eldritch
o Medlock Armouries (Runner up – tied)
o Saxon Violence (Winner)

• Larp Producer – Leather
o White Rose Apparel
o Darkblade (Winner)
o Evenlode (Runner-up)
o Carrick Crafts
o Dad’s Armoury

• Larp Producer – Costume
o White Star Clothing (Runner-up)
o Chow’s Emporium
o Dusk Monkey
o Craeftigan (Winner)
o Angrave Designs

• Larp Caterer of the Year
o The Right Wok
o Caggles Catering Corps (Runner-up)
o Warden’s Catering (Eid II) (Winner)
o Mhorish Goodfood
o Maria Frank (Triage event)

• Creature Costume of the Year
o The War Frame – Age of Aether (Runner-up)
o Kodiak Bear – Jerusalem Jones
o Velociraptors – Mandala
o Jack of Chains – Andy Rimmer
o Verdigris Mind-Forged Manacles – Clockwork Firebird Designs (Winner)

• On-line Retailer of the Year
o Having a Larp
o Larp Inn (Winner)
o Darkblade
o Gem’s Trading Company (Runner-up)
o Clutterbuys

• In-field Retailer of the Year
o Having a Larp (Runner-up)
o Das Shoppe (Winner)
o Chow’s Emporium
o Light Armouries
o Gem’s Trading Company

• NPC of the Year
o Matt Strange – Kale (Runner-up)
o Andrew ‘Foz’ Forest – Ishtar
o Jenny Barratt – Eloise Hunter
o Tin King – Strategy (Winner)
o Tom McNaulty – Haphaestion

• Event Crew Member of the Year
o Katie Logan
o Charlotte Pirie (Winner)
o David McBride
o Katie Logan
o Rich McBride (Runner-up)

• Mainstream Event
o Breakout – Manchester
o Harry potter Tour – London
o Crystal Maze – London (Runner-up)
o Knightmare Live – Touring Production (Winner)
o Undercover (Fire Hazard Games) – London

• Unsung Hero – Andrew Jackson

• Lifetime Achievement – Ian Andrews

• Overall Best Larp of the Year – Curious Pastimes

• Poker Player – Mark Annable

• Combat Tournament – Neil Prior

All submissions, including runner-up and winners, to the Larp Photographs, can be found by following this link to find the ‘General’ and ‘Costume’, ‘People’s’ and ‘Judges’ choice awards.


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