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Clan Cogg

Clan COGG are an old clan. Existing over ages and seeing many technologies rise and fall.

They are primarily a crafting clan. They used to maintain connections with The Grand Company, but as time passed and temperaments changed they grew apart. The Clan’s minds slowly faded and many went mad. The clan members became fascinated with time and associated the gods with the machines. In the latter days, through mutual fascination, the Clan had run-ins with the Augmentors.

The Clan soon became aware the Augmentors were tainted and not what they claimed to be. They were given the name “Bad Cogs”. When they are able to understand, all members of the Clan taught about Good Cogs and Bad Cogs. It is due to this teachings the Clan has developed a natural hate for Augmentors as they are considered tainted.

Now in these modern times, only the clan members who take the crafting skills can identify from the good and bad. It has become such a part of who they are to be a member of this clan to claim to be a “True Crafter” they must have the following attributes

: Dverg Only
: Smith
: Scavenger
: Blacksmith
: Artificer

Upon reaching adulthood the Dverg are sent into the world to Scavenge technology. They are to gather metals and materials to use in their crazy tinkered inventions.
No tinkerer of clan cog would be caught using other people’s creations. Any technology of any worth is made by their own hand, everything else is obviously inferior and would only be good to scrap for parts for their own inventions.


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