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A Letter from the Mayor

*As the sun sets and the moon rises a man with blonde hair in a black cape and mask is seen darting around the streets dropping letters through the doors of every Stormguard hero and with every delivery he shouts ‘na na na na DOUGMAN!” 
The letter is as follows:*
My fellow Stormguardians,
As you may already know, we have been invited to Ravnhjem.  With the imperials outside Stormguard combined with the militia and Sunwolves protecting our hold, I believe we may visit this place together. Our beloved Manny has confirmed that travelling to this place is safe and these people mean us no harm.
At this time, making allies is crucial and with the amount of craftsmen and alchemists thriving in Stormguard, it is quintessential that we open new trade routes.  As this is new unexplored land for us, we have a chance to discover new materials and artifacts that could help our hold develop and evolve. 
There are many among you with a wide variety of skills and knowledge. We will be looking for everyone’s opinions and informed conclusions on whether they believe an alliance with these folk will benefit our home and the people who live in it.
I have been guaranteed that we will have free and safe passage to and from Ravnhjem by the Jarl.
If any of you, my brothers and sisters have any issues or worries, you are more than welcome to come and knock on my door.
Your Heart,
Mayor Noah


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