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Golem’s Rest 

Before the end times, a cult of humans hid in a cave which was fortified with ritual magics. These people foresaw the coming destruction and sought to survive it. Following the death of Gothras, their geomancer leader, the ten silent golems who held up an incredibly powerful barrier around the caves did not perish, but instead become immovable. This trapped the people of Golem’s Rest within the caves with no way to find food or water. 
A new leader called Mura, a powerful sanguimancer who worshipped ritual magic, seized control and after fifteen long years of torturous experiments she finally perfected a way to break the seal and free her people.
Her followers now serve Stormguard, devoting their lives to rebuilding the world, doing what must be done for the greater good of the family, the hold and the world itself.
They are bound by their holy tome, the book of Mura and they can usually be heard screaming “Blood is power” at the top of their lungs as a sign of their unwavering devotion.

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