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Ritualism: Duncan’s Grand Ritual Restoration

Smoke bellowed from the tallest chimneys. Acrid, full of metal particles. The smell, that of burnt flesh reveals the inhumanity of what fuelled the fires.

The ubernatural powers swelled, as Duncan stood within his circle. Finely crafted and tuned for this purpose. Surrounded by mirrors, Duncan stepped out from behind one to face himself. And then, another, and another. Twelve spoke first.

“We stand here, on the turn of history. For it has always been said, I would save the world.”

He pulled back the sheet covering a box in the centre of the circle. A coffin.

The doors to the silo sealed, pushed shut by gears the size of horses and mechanical arms with nails the length of swords. An ethereal glow seeped from the edges, and the sound of mirrors shattering, one by one echoed.

Hours later, the doors reopen with a gasp of air and a release of power. Duncan strides forth, slightly trailing him, another figure

“… prepared with the correct trappings, the first ritual can be enacted”

“I hope you remember your part, we begin tonight”

Three humanoids crawling on all fours scuttle into the Ritual Chamber, the sounds of crunching glass as they move and scrape their limbs. Twelve bodies, so alike.

Duncan and Michale walk into the transport circle

“Come Michale, we have only just started”


Sgt Paul Smaller. 13th Scout Eagles

His retirement wasn’t going well. Never did for the veterans really. Pulled back into service for a good wage. He was getting old. He hated it, even though all he had to do was walk the edge of The Jute and report back.

But today, his walk takes a little longer. He can feel the prickle of its ancient power pulling at his magic. He kisses his focus, an old wedding ring and the feeling subsides. Odd, usually only happens when much closer. He gives it no 2nd thought, until he sees the clouds of smoke.





Toby Smythe was doing his rounds as usual. Sweep the circle, clear away the burnt down candles and wash the blood. Picking up the last shreds of a torn robe, he felt a tug. He instinctively felt out to the circle to ensure that all the power had gone. It had, all of it. It felt empty and his stomach sank. If the Cardinal should find out the all the sacrifices had not repowered the circle, then the ritualists would be flayed. But as soon as it had gone, it was back.

Stepping out of the circle he almost tripped on nothing, as if something was just off from where it should be. Curious he reaches out again, sensing the circle. Striking, not pantheon. This would need reporting to the Cardinal, Toby knew he would get whipped for this.


Current System Effect
All circles briefly stopped working. During this time, their alignments have been restored to how they were crafted. All ritual circles are now aligned to one or more of the schools of ritualism. Over time, this may change but it will be due to IC actions.

You are also now unable to use power to increase RP in a ritual. This includes sacrificing items etc. They will still be taken into account for the performance score.

The Tome of Magic has been updated to reflect this as a fundamental change.



August 2017: Rules Updates

So after the fun of the last post, here are the actual rules

AM Rules V4.3.1

AM Tome of Magic V1.7.1

Please let us know your comments on facebook, twitter or via the admin email address. We have worked hard to try to make these the best version of the rules yet, but as always please point out any of our intentional errors 🙂

Rules Update August 2017

And here they are. The latest and greatest (hopefully) version of the rules

Please remember we are open to discussion about any of the changes, we have spent a long time talking about lots of the points.

Happy Reading 🙂

AM Rules V5.0


Obviously, the above link was just a joke 🙂

Hope you all have fun reading what is really version 1.1, the first rules ever to be used!

Watch out soon for the real rules.

So close

So the next event is this week

The levels of keen are high!

Don’t forget to spend your points, sort your lore sheets and attach your lammies!

UK Larp Awards 2017

The Winners of the 2017 UK Larp Awards (Hosted by LARPCon)

Player Run/Sanctioned Event
o Do Not Go Gently – Slayers Lrp (Winner)
o It Tolls For Thee – Empire
o Fae Fables – LT
o Eid II – LT Wardens
o Triage – Empire (Runner-up)

• Club System of the Year
o Fools and Heroes (Runner up – tied)
o Aftermath (Runner up – tied)
o UNION at Nottingham Uni (Winner)
o Labyrinth
o Rising of Chaos

• Player of the Year
o Chris Whitehead
o Danny Leith
o Marcus Reilly
o Sarah Cook (Runner-up)
o Rosie Woolley (Winner)

• Bard of the Year
o Al Bevan (Runner-up)
o Dred Roberts (Winner)
o Esme Galea/Bessy the Bard
o Golden Apple
o Claire Sherriden

• Small Larp of the Year
o Twisted Tales (Runner-up)
o Hades (Winner)
o The World Went Dark
o Neothera Saga
o Faded Glory

• Medium Larp of the Year
o Age of Aether (Runner-up)
o Future’s End (Winner)
o Shadow Wars
o Tales Out Of Anchor
o Happily Ever After

• Large Larp of the Year
o Curious Pastimes (Winner)
o Empire
o Odyssey (Runner-up)
o Lorien Trust
o Green Cloaks

• Family event of the Year
o Empire (Winner)
o Lorien Trust (Runner up – tied)
o Outcast (Runner up -tied)
o Curious Pastimes
o Fields of Illusion

• Grassroots system of the Year
o Future’s End (Winner)
o Fools and Heroes (Runner-up)
o Lorien Trust
o The World Went Dark
o Neothera Saga

• New Larp of the Year
o Age of Aether (Runner-up)
o Cry Havoc
o Future’s End
o Before the End (Winner)
o Happily Ever After

• Larp Producer – Foam/Latex
o Dark Raven Armoury
o Light Armouries (Runner up – tied)
o Eldritch
o Medlock Armouries (Runner up – tied)
o Saxon Violence (Winner)

• Larp Producer – Leather
o White Rose Apparel
o Darkblade (Winner)
o Evenlode (Runner-up)
o Carrick Crafts
o Dad’s Armoury

• Larp Producer – Costume
o White Star Clothing (Runner-up)
o Chow’s Emporium
o Dusk Monkey
o Craeftigan (Winner)
o Angrave Designs

• Larp Caterer of the Year
o The Right Wok
o Caggles Catering Corps (Runner-up)
o Warden’s Catering (Eid II) (Winner)
o Mhorish Goodfood
o Maria Frank (Triage event)

• Creature Costume of the Year
o The War Frame – Age of Aether (Runner-up)
o Kodiak Bear – Jerusalem Jones
o Velociraptors – Mandala
o Jack of Chains – Andy Rimmer
o Verdigris Mind-Forged Manacles – Clockwork Firebird Designs (Winner)

• On-line Retailer of the Year
o Having a Larp
o Larp Inn (Winner)
o Darkblade
o Gem’s Trading Company (Runner-up)
o Clutterbuys

• In-field Retailer of the Year
o Having a Larp (Runner-up)
o Das Shoppe (Winner)
o Chow’s Emporium
o Light Armouries
o Gem’s Trading Company

• NPC of the Year
o Matt Strange – Kale (Runner-up)
o Andrew ‘Foz’ Forest – Ishtar
o Jenny Barratt – Eloise Hunter
o Tin King – Strategy (Winner)
o Tom McNaulty – Haphaestion

• Event Crew Member of the Year
o Katie Logan
o Charlotte Pirie (Winner)
o David McBride
o Katie Logan
o Rich McBride (Runner-up)

• Mainstream Event
o Breakout – Manchester
o Harry potter Tour – London
o Crystal Maze – London (Runner-up)
o Knightmare Live – Touring Production (Winner)
o Undercover (Fire Hazard Games) – London

• Unsung Hero – Andrew Jackson

• Lifetime Achievement – Ian Andrews

• Overall Best Larp of the Year – Curious Pastimes

• Poker Player – Mark Annable

• Combat Tournament – Neil Prior

All submissions, including runner-up and winners, to the Larp Photographs, can be found by following this link to find the ‘General’ and ‘Costume’, ‘People’s’ and ‘Judges’ choice awards.

Channel 4 ‘My Weird Hobby’


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