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IC Groups

Thorn Elves

Thorn Elves
Dwellers in the shadow haunted Dokwald, the forest vastness that spans 50%, of Austrils landmass.  Wild elf like creatures bonded to the Erdmutter, godess of nature, fertility and blood sacrifice…now the tribe sends its best to learn of the world and mend magic  


Austril accent – must try to speak in a germanic, russian, slavik accent.
Barbaric: Cannot read or write and if try to learn costs double. 
Superstitious: Cannot purchase immune to fear
Need to phs rep bark like skin

Golem’s Rest 

Before the end times, a cult of humans hid in a cave which was fortified with ritual magics. These people foresaw the coming destruction and sought to survive it. Following the death of Gothras, their geomancer leader, the ten silent golems who held up an incredibly powerful barrier around the caves did not perish, but instead become immovable. This trapped the people of Golem’s Rest within the caves with no way to find food or water. 
A new leader called Mura, a powerful sanguimancer who worshipped ritual magic, seized control and after fifteen long years of torturous experiments she finally perfected a way to break the seal and free her people.
Her followers now serve Stormguard, devoting their lives to rebuilding the world, doing what must be done for the greater good of the family, the hold and the world itself.
They are bound by their holy tome, the book of Mura and they can usually be heard screaming “Blood is power” at the top of their lungs as a sign of their unwavering devotion.

Clan Cogg

Clan COGG are an old clan. Existing over ages and seeing many technologies rise and fall.



Holdborn are a spiritual race created by the cataclysmic event that created the wilds.


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

A group of like-minded folk who are scholars, spell swords and Fashionable Gents.


The Balancers

A group of like minded individuals working together for a common goal – to restore balance to Af’ael. (more…)

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood are a sect within the Khaleem underground, (more…)

Disbanded/Dead Groups

The following groups no longer exist due to lack of activity or because all their members were killed… (more…)

Groups Rumoured to Exist

The following groups must be discovered in game, if they even exist at all………….. (more…)

UMA (Ursine Mercenary Association)

It has long been a tradition in the Ursine Empire to employ large bands or mercs as opposed to have a standing army. (more…)