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Rules Updates 2017

The new rules are here!

As of March 2017, the rule book v4 and the Tome of magic 2017 will be active.

You can download them from the rules section of this website.

There will be a transitional period to allow for respends where appropriate and to answer any questions and make some tweaks where needed.



Winter Is Coming…

The year comes to an end….the wilds begins to quieten its rage slowly ebbing away as winter takes hold and frost, rime and snow blanket its leafless mass. Druids go from glade to glade watching their flock descend into hibernation….rituals ward the sleepers from harm. (more…)

World Update…

Our mighty heroes can settle down for the winter knowing they have accomplished much this year.

Having been propelled forward in time and arriving back in Af’ael 15 years since they left, much has changed in the world. But many threats still remain yet thanks to their efforts the world is relatively safe for now. (more…)

New Players

Aftermath is a growing vibrant Larp club that is always looking to innovate. In light of this we wanted to reflect in our games that the player characters stand out from the masses and even at the very outset of their career are marked for greatness and their impact on the world is substantial. The stuff heroes are made of. Therefore the games team decided that such folk would not come to fight empty handed. Whatever the characters background they would have obtained some previous experience and thus gained some obvious equipment. (more…)

Next Event Only 5 Weeks Away…

Only 5 more weeks until Aftermath: The Hidden War… (more…)