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August 2017: Rules Updates

So after the fun of the last post, here are the actual rules

AM Rules V4.3.1

AM Tome of Magic V1.7.1

Please let us know your comments on facebook, twitter or via the admin email address. We have worked hard to try to make these the best version of the rules yet, but as always please point out any of our intentional errors 🙂

Rules Update August 2017

And here they are. The latest and greatest (hopefully) version of the rules

Please remember we are open to discussion about any of the changes, we have spent a long time talking about lots of the points.

Happy Reading 🙂

AM Rules V5.0


Obviously, the above link was just a joke 🙂

Hope you all have fun reading what is really version 1.1, the first rules ever to be used!

Watch out soon for the real rules.

Light Magic: Forgiveness


Power: 3
Duration: 5 minutes
Gesture: Open palms towards target
Range: 10ft
Verbal: By the divines, your sins are forgiven.
Description: The target is filled with scenes of peace. For the duration, they cannot initiate combat unless they themselves are attacked and then only to defend themselves or others. They will generally have a pacifistic attitude to combat.

Kept here as a reference. As Light is not a spell list available to players.

Rules Updates 2017

The new rules are here!

As of March 2017, the rule book v4 and the Tome of magic 2017 will be active.

You can download them from the rules section of this website.

There will be a transitional period to allow for respends where appropriate and to answer any questions and make some tweaks where needed.



Rules Version 3.0

Click the link below to view the current rule book

AM 3.0 (1)

Please check the forum for further rules updates & clarifications.