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The d’verg scout crouched by a large tree…he smelt its life and vigour…so different to the twisted parodies of life within the Jute….he squinted in the unaccustomed sunlight…so long he spent in the tunnels of Spinedell..

He gestured to the hidden horde laying low in the undergrowth….

A burly half naked wode covered champion rose and set a fey bone horn to his ring pierced mouth…..the sound was like a screaming animal as it died slowly in a trap. 

In a mass of painted…dirty ….scared brutality the dark iron clan as one roared they hatred and stormed the tranquil walls of Stormgard.

300 hard bitten warriors….veterans of the dune wars all….savage…cannibalistic murderers…hard as the land that bred them…

50 escaped….

The horde was met by what the Towns folk witnessed as excessive force. 5 tall, broad armoured figures walked slowly out to meet the charge….sling shot and arrows bouncing from their battle plate….

As one they knelt

As one they bellowed two words …..”AVE IMPEREATOR!!!!”

The dverg closest reeled in pain as their ear drums ruptured…the paladins then stood…drew their rune etched blades

And began

The dverg at the back of the press had laughed…5 knights….5 against the Iron!

Meat for the cleavers…

They were wrong….

The machine noise of ensorcelled silver on flesh on wood on leather on iron

Like a hundred butchers carving for a grand feast

The dverg give them their due…did not break

The sight of their comrades coming apart and spattering them with gore…entrails and cloven heads did nothing at first but fuel their frenzy

The paladins calmly and mathematically. Precisely surgically rendered the horde into component parts

Bleeding meat


Then the centre paladin the Praetor shouted to his…”men”….”This is taking to long…..Combat speed!”

Unbelievably they sped up….their forms blurring …becoming elemental forces of destruction…a blade wind

The dverg…broke

Nothing alive could face such chained death and not feel dread …as the emperor had known when he had the first made by his brother so long ago…..

The combat finished as the Praetor barked …cease!

As one like golemic constricts they became still….bar the leader… he tore the Dark Irons man skin banner from its crude pole and wiped his pulsing blade

Sanguine laughter and slow clapping came from a nearby tree….the dark hair form of WAR leaned against the trunk…

“Well done you beautiful bastards… they broke the mould when they made you they really did……I…”

The paladins turned and waded back through the corpse mess

The praetor looked long and hard at the Horseman….who stopped taking….

“Assail not Stormgard Demon….or…there will be trouble.”

Death smiled.   Watching the paladins broad backs file as they left…

“I love those cunts!……Thank you Duncan Just…thank you.”


A Recent History of Stormguard Part 1

A Recent History Of Stormguard – Alyssa Dratharni (more…)


Austril lies in the far western part of the Human Empire.

The war did not affect here very much. It is not governed by the Church or the Emperor – each town within Austril has it’s own laws and traditions and are totally independent.

The region contains several towns & villages within a mountainous landscape surrounded by heavy forests and many lakes and rivers.

The tribes within mainly worship the nature gods – of earth, air, fire and water, as well as aspects of the seasons. The gods’ true names are lost but the people of Austril use their own names:

Ertmutter: The earthmother – forest goddess of fertility & growth

Lobau: Ertmutter’s son – god of water, lakes & rivers

Eis: Winter god

Heis: Summer goddess

Neis: Autumn goddess

Sheis: Spring god

There are a few notable tribes within Austril. Most are made up of primarily humans but some tribes allow other races to join. It has been known for outsiders to join these tribes, but only through displays of great strength and prowess, often such as trial by combat. While the people of Austril are not evil or ill-hearted, they are nomadic and somewhat uncivilised, such that many might view them as brutal. Their culture is based around survival and might over politics and diplomacy.

Each town has it’s own colours associated with it and tribes will often have an associated totem. Not much is widely known about the individual tribes themselves, but a few towns are known of such as;

Burgen: Populated with humans and some D’verg. Town colour is yellow.

Tyrol: Populated mostly with Jotun and some Humans. Town colour is white.

Birkenweg: Populated with Fey and some humans: Town colour is purple.

Wienstrasse: Just humans. Town colour is red.

Sturia: Just humans: Town colour is green.



Old man Edrik staggered as the first quake hit, he was flung to the floor of his dwelling as plaster and straw fell from the walls and roof… (more…)


World Map

World Map