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A Recent History of Stormguard Part 1

A Recent History Of Stormguard – Alyssa Dratharni (more…)



Austril lies in the far western part of the Human Empire.

The war did not affect here very much. It is not governed by the Church or the Emperor – each town within Austril has it’s own laws and traditions and are totally independent.

The region contains several towns & villages within a mountainous landscape surrounded by heavy forests and many lakes and rivers.

The tribes within mainly worship the nature gods – of earth, air, fire and water, as well as aspects of the seasons. The gods’ true names are lost but the people of Austril use their own names:

Ertmutter: The earthmother – forest goddess of fertility & growth

Lobau: Ertmutter’s son – god of water, lakes & rivers

Eis: Winter god

Heis: Summer goddess

Neis: Autumn goddess

Sheis: Spring god

There are a few notable tribes within Austril. Most are made up of primarily humans but some tribes allow other races to join. It has been known for outsiders to join these tribes, but only through displays of great strength and prowess, often such as trial by combat. While the people of Austril are not evil or ill-hearted, they are nomadic and somewhat uncivilised, such that many might view them as brutal. Their culture is based around survival and might over politics and diplomacy.

Each town has it’s own colours associated with it and tribes will often have an associated totem. Not much is widely known about the individual tribes themselves, but a few towns are known of such as;

Burgen: Populated with humans and some D’verg. Town colour is yellow.

Tyrol: Populated mostly with Jotun and some Humans. Town colour is white.

Birkenweg: Populated with Fey and some humans: Town colour is purple.

Wienstrasse: Just humans. Town colour is red.

Sturia: Just humans: Town colour is green.