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Downtime Guide

Aftermath Downtime System

How to use this system
How to write your application
What this system is and isn’t


Put in its simplest terms, the downtime system is what your character gets up to in between events. This can be as simple as “go hunting” or as complex as “research new spells”. It is literally only limited by your characters skills and the availability of information.
How to use this system

All downtime requests should fit into one of three categories, beginning, middle and end. I wont say all will, but this covers the gist of the process. Its to be used to uncover information, follow up on leads from events, research new skills or abilities etc. This is in no way similar to any other systems points ability applications and should not be treated as such. Yes, new abilities can come out of it, but don’t expect it. Having these applications allows the plot team to know what plot people want to follow up on so it can be included in the next event.

A basic request for information, with no basis or grounds to go from is a beginning request. This can take the form of a simple request or question such as “I’d like to know where all the Ursine come from”. With no basis to go on, a simple reply will be drafted with the information provided from the plot team, “You speak to a man, who knows a man, who tells you to find Johann the Ursine Keeper in Bleakgate” for example. Its given you a plot point, a starting point. You can then follow that up in your next downtime, or even better, on the event.

If you decided to take that plot point, or had discovered a piece of information you’d like to follow up on, that is a middle request. “I spoke to Johann the Ursine Keeper in Bleakgate and he said that the best place to look is in Forest Dell, so I’m going there”. Again, this will give you some more information from there to follow up on, preferably on an event.

The example used above is a simple request and probably wouldn’t need to be dragged out through this system for so many turns. If the request was for the researching of a new spell then it could be taken to the last stage, end request. This is where the results of your downtime are presented to you and will return something. It might not be exactly what you were after, or it might be more than you looked for but it will return a result.

If you feel your turn would fall under a beginning turn, then at a push dependant on the request you can submit 2 small requests. Middle or further turns take up too much time (both for your character and for me) to allow for 2 requests.
How to write your application

When writing your application, include the following

All relevant skills – Everything that might influence the result. List out your characters bought abilities.
Items – anything that might help
Information and allies – Do you know someone that knows the skill?
Aims and how you intend to go about your downtime. – Where are you looking? Who are you speaking to? The more you give us here, the more likely it is you will find what you are after and the further along the chain you can begin.
Previous downtime reference numbers. I’ll try to put a reference in, so you can return to stuff later.

Example request
Blasto – Caster
Skills: 3rd lvl Pyromancer, 2nd lvl Geomancer 1st Lvl Hydromancer
Casting Expertise, Enhanced sense magic, Ritualist 20
Items: Robes of the Ritualist – +5 to rituals (Ref: AM105)
Allies: Is the apprentice of NPC Mega-Blasto.
Following on from previous downtime (Ref: Blasto01).
Continue research into the fiery spell of death. Having looked into the information from last time and spoken to Mega-Blasto, I have agreed to become his apprentice (Referee on the event was Dom, he can agree to this etc). Mega-Blasto explained that he knew of the spell but hasn’t got it. He said the only copy of it was in a library in Sapphire peak called “The Librar Soloriam”. Having travelled there on the event, I know how to get there and the NPCs there said it might be a book called “Fire is hot” by Nathaniel Greatspark. They didn’t have a copy.

As a result, you might be given the name of the book to look in, where to go next, or even that Mega-Blasto has a copy of it already! From there it would take a little more work and you would receive a results sheet, explaining what you have and how many points it will cost to buy it.
What this system is and isn’t

This system allows you scope to do things you wouldn’t normally be able to do on event, or follow up on information from events. At its slowest, it can be used to create new abilities or spells, or do things that are outside of the current ability system. You can uncover items, cash, information or even spy on other players, but don’t expect to find out much unless you have the right skill set :). As with everything here, the skills and the plan are paramount. A well worked out plan, backed up by IC skills and information is far more likely to get you what you want than “I want powerups pls thx”. Any and all abilities that are created through this are yours. They cannot be used by any other player, unless they spend their downtime teaching you.

If you have any issues with the results, please talk to me. Don’t bother Carl. Please also remember that I do this as a favour to the system and I’m not paid for my time. Also, you don’t pay for this service, so basically if you’re not happy with the results, talk to me first.