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New: Groups & Factions

There is now the option to join or create established groups or factions within the world of Af’ael.

From an in character perspective these are people that you consistently affiliate or work with.

From an out of character perspective this affiliation will earn you benefits and/or disbenefits to your abilities.

Typically characters may only be a’ member of one group at a time for the purposes of claiming the group stats.

You may leave or join groups but abilities may be lost or gained respectively. These abilities will still cost you experience points. If you leave the group the refund (or not) of these ability points will be discussed on an individual basis.

To join a group you must be accepted by a group representative – this can be done out of character before an event or done in character during an event. Please note that some, more powerful groups may require some in character action before acceptance.

Any abilities gained through membership of a group must be approved by Carl Danes or Dan Marchant.

This whole thing is being done ‘in the spirit of the game’ and is very much a whole other aspect to your character. Joining or leaving a group could have an interesting, perhaps advantageous or dangerous impact on your character.

Please check out the groups section of this website for the list of current active groups and contact details.

If you would like to discuss creating a new group please email downtime@aftermath-lrp.org.uk

But remember… there is always more you can find out in character šŸ™‚