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Rules Updates

Create Ritual Circle : Lesser
Prerequisite: 1 Point in Ritualist Skill
Caster – 0
This skill allows the Caster to create a lesser ritual circle 10 feet across, for the purpose of performing small rites and rituals with this skill alone you are unable to transport or create permanent artefacts. The Lesser ritual circle lasts for 20 minutes, after this time the power in the circle fades. A Caster can create a lesser ritual circle once for each level in magic they have to a maximum of 3 times a day. The circles Ritual Defence follows the same rules as a Ritual Circle Additional uses of Create Ritual Circle: Lesser can be purchased for 5pts each to a maximum of 5 additional uses

Ritual Leader
Prerequisite: Ritualist 20pts
Caster – 30* first class only
This skill allows a ritualist to lead a ritual with more skill and work with a cadre of ritual assistants. The maximum number of Ritual Assistants (See: Ritual Assistant for more details) a ritualist can work with is equal to One assistant per 5 ritual power -1 (Not including items or temporary increases). Thus a 20pt ritualist could have 4 – 1 = 3 assistants.

Ritual Assistant
Prerequisite: Ritual Contributor, Ritualist 5pts
Caster – 15* first class only
This skill allows a ritualist to add +5 to the total ritual score if the lead ritualist has the ability Ritual Leader. If the Ritual Leader and Ritual Assistant both own the ability Ritualist: XXXX (Scryer, Creator or similar) and performing the correct type of ritual then this skill adds another +5 ritual power. If the Ritual Assistant owns the ability Aligned and the ritual is being performed in the Aligned circle, this ability adds another +2 to the total. If Bonded is owned with the Ritual Leader, choose the better benefit do not add them together.

Ritual Titan
Prerequisite: Ritual Guardian
Caster – 20
This skill increases the RD from Ritual Guardian to +20 to a rituals (RD) when actively guarding a ritual.

Ritual Inspectorate
Prerequisite: Ritual Power (1), Trace Transport
Caster – 15
This skill allows the ritualist to examine the site of a ritual and determine some facts about the ritual that was performed there. Allows the player to ask the referee about the ritual. The longer the player studies the ritual and the higher their Ritual Power the more information they will receive.

Once Per Combat Skills:

To clarify – Skills that are used 1/combat mean that you may use your skill 1 per wave/attack of monster/s.

If there is no obvious break between the attacks then the player should not use the same skill again until 30 secs have passed.

These skills are not meant to be read 1/opponent.


This ability is available by race only.

You may only use the cost appropriate to your class, unless you have the Ranger skill in which case you may pay the cheaper cost.

This ability is not available cross class – ie you cannot pay double points as a caster to acquire this skill. Casters cannot buy stamina unless they have the Spellblade or Warlock ability.

Staminas must be bought in order from 1.

They give you +1 hit point per stamina bought, so +5 hit points total.

Costs are cumulative – you pay 5+10+20+40+80=155

Assassin & Resilience:

The rule book reads that with the assassin abilities, you only need to perform 8/5/2 death blows to kill someone. However is someone has the Resilience ability, this will increase the number of death blows needed by the person’s level in stamina. For example if someone has 2 stamina, an assassin would then need to perform 10/7/4 death blows to kill that character.